COVID-19 Response

We know that the coronavirus epidemic has forced a lot of us to adapt to the “new norm” – washing hands constantly, sanitizing everything we touch, wearing masks when we go out. Vegas Concepts is no different.

We wanted to reach out to you, our clients, to assure you that Vegas Concepts, in accordance with CDC regulations and guidelines, has been taking the necessary steps to provide our clients – your guests – a safe, sanitary party. Below are the steps we at Vegas Concepts are taking to ensure your event is virus free-

  • -Sanitizing all chips/dice/card dispenser/roulette balls & wheel before/after event

  • -Issuing new decks of cards to dealers before event

  • -Temperature checking all of our employees upon arrival

  • -Providing every table with sanitizing wipes/spray

  • -Cleaning/sanitizing every table before going out

Our first event in 3 months was last week and it went very smoothly. All dealers and guests wore masks, social distancing was in practice, and all who attended had a great time.

Give us a call today to book your next event. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our practices to keep our clients safe, don’t hesitate to call us.