For some people, a high rolling Las Vegas vacation is one of the great pleasures of life. The glitz and glamour of the shows, the endless amounts of food and drink and the thrill of gaming in the casino hot spot of the world makes it one of the top vacation getaways on the planet. But not everyone can throw down a few thousand bucks every time they get the itch to sit at a blackjack table and try their luck. For this reason, casino night parties have become very popular. From frat parties to office soirees, hosting a casino night can be a lot of fun — if you do it right. Here are some tips to make sure that your casino night event goes down without a hitch.

5: Hire Real Dealers

If you live in a fairly large city, then chances are you’ll be able to hire some experienced dealers to run the tables for your casino night. Check the Internet for local listings for dealers and compare prices. If you have the budget, having some real dealers can make a big difference in the overall experience of your guests. If you’re hosting the party and can’t foot the bill for real dealers, then get some friends who are familiar with the games to volunteer as dealers and make sure everyone is up to speed on the rules of the games. Playing dealer can be a lot of fun for the guests, so you shouldn’t have much trouble getting volunteers.

4: Rent Your Equipment

It’s one thing to host a poker party and set up a few card tables in your living room. But if you want to throw an authentic casino night event, then you’re going to want more options for your guests and the proper equipment to enhance the experience. Check around for places that rent out casino equipment and then spend some time deciding what you can afford and what games you want to feature.

Blackjack and poker tables are relatively inexpensive, whereas a craps table or a roulette wheel may cost a little more. But while poker and blackjack tables will only fit six to eight players at once, a craps table can accommodate as many as 12 to 15 players at a time, so your money may be better spent. For a well-rounded party, try to offer at least three to four different game options.

3: Consider a Theme

Las Vegas casinos are all about themes, so your casino night event shouldn’t be any different. If you have a few bucks to spend on décor, consider paying homage to one or more of the iconic Vegas casinos to give your party a fun edge.

Caesar’s Palace is one of the most famous casino brands in the world, so think about decking out your gaming room with some nods to ancient Rome. The same goes for the MGM Grand, the Flamingo and even newer casinos like Paris or New York New York. You can either go with one central theme, or divide your room up into zones to feature multiple motifs. Your guests will appreciate the extra effort when your bartender is dressed like Julius Caesar.

2: Raise Some Funds

One of the great things about a casino night event is that you can have a great time throwing a rocking party all for a good cause. If you’re considering a casino night event, think about partnering with a local charity to help raise some funds. There are several ways you can go here.

One option is to charge money for tickets to attend the casino event. Typically, the ticket will also buy guests a certain amount of gaming chips to get them started. Or you could have free entry, but the guests have to buy in to get their chips.

At the end of the night, the guests won’t trade in their chips for cash like at a real casino, but they get the prestige of being the big winner for the night and the honor of helping out a worthy cause in the process. If you want, you can offer a few prizes for top winners to give them a little something to play for.

1: Work Within a Budget

If you’re going to throw a great casino night event, it’s going to cost some money. Hiring dealers, renting gaming equipment, buying food and beverages, decorating your space — it all adds up. It’s best to decide what your budget is early on and then back your way into what you can afford.

If you have a limited budget, you won’t be able to have it all, so you’ll need to prioritize what is most important. This is true for any party, but especially true for such a specifically themed event like a casino night. Food, drinks and décor are all important, but for a casino night, the top priority has to be the games. Put that at the top of your list, and then see what you can afford in the way of professional dealers, hors d’oeuvres and the bar. And remember, requiring your guests to “buy in” for the gaming can also help cover a lot of the costs.