Watch Adam Randall explain how “Funny Money” works at Vegas Concepts casino events!

To review Adam’s video:

Each player starts off with $5,000.00 in “Funny Money”.

Dealer at the table of player’s choice, then exchanges “Funny Money” for chips.

Vegas Concepts chips

Dealer will typically issue 10 black chips, 4 yellow chips, and 2 red chips, which totals $5,000 in value.

Chip values are as follows:

  • Black Chips = $100
  • Yellow Chips = $500
  • Red Chips = $1,000
  • Blue Chips = $5,000

For events that include a Raffle Drawing, 1 Raffle Ticket is valued at $5,000 in “Funny Money”.

The main thing to remember about our casino games is to have fun! After all, a fun event, is a successful event!