Fundraisers & Galas

Vegas Concepts specializes in charity fundraiser events!

We work with many fundraiser oganizations in the DFW area and have helped raise millions of dollars throughout the years for various schools and local charities. Some of which include The Margarita Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way, and Meals on Wheels.

Our event planners guide your charity committee members throughout the whole process. We give the committee  a “How to Host Casino Fundraisers” Live Event Checklist. We attend your committee meetings and meet with your group’s Treasurer. We separate our company from all the rest. We have an Event Manager accompanying your volunteer on the night of your live event.

Key Points to Promoting a Successful Fundraiser

  • Venue location is everything
  • Save the date
  • Music – Local artist
  • Event Sponsorship
  • VIP Casino
  • Casino table sponsor
  • Admissions tickets sales
  • Event cause
  • Casino donation chip sales
  • Raffle & Prizes  ideas
  • Ticket Sales
  • Donations
  • Silent Auctions
  • Solo Cup sale
  • Red Flyer Booze Wagon
  • Wine Pull
  • 50/50 Playing cards
  • Themed Baskets
  • VIP Poker or Blackjack Tournaments

For a smaller scale event, see about hosting a Casino Night or VIP Tournament to promote your cause! Both are very effective fundraiser ideas!

Hosting a Game Tournament Fundraiser

Your charity must be a 501 c-3. (Non-Profit).

Each player will be giving a donation to the charity for the seat in the Poker Tournament. We suggest $50, $100, $200 per seat for your Tournament.

Table Sponsorship

Sell the card game tables to individuals or corporations. Print 4×6 table tent signs for recognition of sponsors. Vegas Concepts will provide Table Tent for table sponsor signage. This is the most successful approach for non-profit events.

Day of Tournament

As your guests register, Vegas Concepts will randomly place your guests at the tables. We suggest starting each player with 3-k or 2,500 in chips for a three hour tournament.

After play has begun, the computer moves the blinds up every 7 to 15 minutes for the first hour.

The blinds will start at 100/200 and increase every 7 to 15 minutes – 200, 400, and so forth.

As this happens, players will be eliminated from the tournament. Tables will be consolidated as we see 3 or less players at any given table.


  • Rebuy amounts should always be one half of the starting donation.

  • Rebuys are for either 1,500 or 1,250 in chips.

  • Rebuys will be for the first hour only.

What we’ve experienced with fundraisers is that “UNLIMITED rebuys” give the tournament a new flare. Basically, a player could pay to win the tournament. We have raised more money for our charities by allowing unlimited re-buys for local charity events.

The first two hours, we’ll conduct an eliminations style tournament.  As players are eliminated and drop out of the tournament, they will leave their table. The Pit Boss will move the remaining players to consolidate the tables.

The top 12 players will be at the final table in the last hour. We will give the players a voucher for the total value of their chips at the end of the two hours. Each player will come to the final table with the amount of chips they had at the end of the first two hours of play. They have to present the voucher to the Pit Boss on the final table to get their chips.

As play at the final table progresses, your guests will start cheering for their favorite players. The final table really gets the gallery into hooting and hollering for their favorite player!

Vegas Concepts Provides

  • Professional custom poker supplies.

  • Chip value vouchers (Hold’em/VIP-Poker only).

  • 4×6 acrylic table tent signs (for recognition of table sponsors).

Client Provides

  • Require 2 committee members to assist our tournament director in collecting cash or credit cards transactions for re-buys sales.

  • Charity committee needs to supply the event with an I-pad with credit card app download and tested wifi connection, with charges.

More Fundraiser Ideas!

Red Flyer Booze Wagon

red booze wagon

Great Fundraising Idea! Donated Liquor and Wagon Raffle Tickets – Winning Ticket Gets it All!

Charity committee gets a volunteer to wheel the wagon around the night of your Live Casino event selling raffle tickets.  We suggest each committee member donate a bottle of booze for the  charity event!

Sell Raffle tickets $20, $50, $100 per ticket for the “Red Flyer Booze Wagon!”

Wine Pull


Committee asks for donations of bottles of wine valued at $10 to $100 a bottle.

Bottles will be wrapped and marked as Red or White and displayed on a table.

Casino Night attendees are able to purchase the bottle of Wine for $25.00 each.

They can buy the bottles of Red or White wine in the auction list and number the bottles. Keep it simple and let your guest pull the bottle.

Bonus Bottles! Have PREMIUM bottles of wine valued at $50-$100 among the wrapped bottles. All for your Charitable CAUSE!

50/50 game with a Deck of playing cards 52 chances to win per deck!

deck of cards

Volunteer selling the games and chips.

1 – Deck of Playing cards

1 – Top hat per game

1 – pair of Scissors

1 – Credit card app on phone or I-pad with credit card swipe.

Volunteers sell the cards to guests. They just cut playing cards in half- Guest keeps one part of the playing card, and the other half goes into the Top hat, bowl or raffle drum. Sell the Playing Card for $10.00, $20.00, $100.00 donations.  Bonus 5 cards for $20.00.

Guest picks the playing card / Volunteer cuts the card  in half with one piece to go to the guest and the other into the Top Hat.

Announcements on 50-50 Games have a guest pick the winning card, 1 winner per playing cards. Pay out goes to the winner and always asks the winner to donate the proceeds back to your Charity cause. Your Charity can have multiple 50-50 games going on  at the same time.

Red Solo Cup

solo cups

Red Solo Cup sales bring excitement and fun to your live event. Your volunteers  fill the red Solo cups with $10K in our Funny Money, with a small portion of these having a BONUS of $40K. We tape the top of the cup, which we will coordinate with the your volunteers who will hit the casino floor, soliciting the guests at each casino table.  $20 per Red Solo cup. Cash is obviously acceptable, but we would suggest also getting a credit card processing app. Always have an I-pad with card swipers. The whole process takes your volunteers less than 10 minutes.

The committee should select volunteers with an outgoing personality, as they will be making announcements to the whole group promoting the Red Solo Cup sale.

We have perfected our strategy for fundraising, which is why organizations such as those mentioned above, along with many others, choose Vegas Concepts year after year to help host their events. Let us put our 35 years of fundraiser experience to work for you!

Call us today at 817-825-4255 for more details on how we can help you reach your charity earning potential!