In the event planning business for over 35 years, we have developed our expertise in fundraiser events. There are a few simple concepts to keep in mind in order to ensure a successful event!

Pre-event planning is of primary importance as there are many factors and compliance issues to address. That’s where our expertise can begin to help as we work with you to sort out the details and plan an effective strategy. Of course, the longer you have to prepare, the more you can ensure a smooth, well-operated event.

The calendar day of the event can make or break a fundraiser from the starting gate. When setting a date, keep in mind people’s general schedules, i.e. NFL season, Holidays, important school events, etc.. to avoid colliding with another event.

It’s also wise to schedule the event during a weekday, as more venues are likely to be open during the week and usually offer discounted rates. Also, guests are less likely to “over-imbibe” on a weeknight, which takes a little of the responsibility of controlling the event off of the shoulders of the staff, not to mention, additional peace of mind across the board.

Familiarize the team with concepts such as casino (funny) money, table sponsorship, and advertising donations.

Table sponsorship is of vital importance for an effective fundraiser, another piece of the planning that having ample time to accomplish will result in dividends.

Start the sponsorship/donation process by writing an event donation letter to send out to prospective sponsors. Allow for the time needed to obtain donation commitments. Ask for donations in services, such as printing, marketing, food, live music, venue, and decorations! You may be surprised at how quickly things begin to gel and before long, you’ll be able to cover your expenses with sponsorships!

It’s always beneficial to offer door prizes and raffles to keep the interest of the guests piqued. Prizes may consist of items like gift cards, wine baskets, business services, venue memberships, sporting activities, and resort/hotel stays.

silent auction

And be sure to offer enticing munchies and libations to boost the cause! Remember, the higher the price of the cocktails, the more you can reap while also keeping over-indulgence at bay.

The bottom line is, make it fun! When guests are in boosted spirits, the more likely they are to feel “charitable!”

Refer to the flip-book below to ensure that your fundraiser not only meets, but exceeds its goal.

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