There’s nothing better at an event than a photo booth for creating long-lasting mementos and no better type of photo booth than the Magic Mirror. Entertaining and interactive, the Magic Mirror is unlike any other photo booth.

With all of the technical wizardry available this day and age, it’s not surprising to see it applied to the popular photo booth. The Magic Mirror incorporates leading-edge digital technology by offering:

How does it do that? The Magic Mirror consists of a DSLR camera behind the mirror with a flash device on top, controlled by Touch Technology! Get it started by either touching the screen, smiling or waving your hands at the mirror. The Magic Mirror will interact using animated graphics and voice commands. You can even use your finger to sign your photo!

Photos print in less than 10 seconds on the special printing device attached to the Magic Mirror.

Also, there are many props to use for your creations. Choose from any number of themes like Great Gatsby, South Pacific, South of the Border, or whatever you want! Your imagination is the only limit!

So don’t wait, start planning your next event today and be sure to include the Magic Mirror!