One of the most popular party themes from year to year has been the “James Bond 007” one, and that popularity doesn’t seem to be dwindling!

Why has the aura of James Bond been so popular for so long? The Bond character appeals to men and women alike! He is the envy of most men because of his espionage skills, tactical fighting ability, quick-thinking, and basic “savior faire”, and adored by the ladies for his, well, pure “sexiness.”

bond theme cutout

Though the character is a by-product of the Cold War, he lives on over 5 decades after his introduction into mainstream media and will likely continue for another half-century.

As for a Bond party theme?

First of all, it’s really simple.

It’s fairly inexpensive to deploy.

It’s versatile.

Plus, it’s still fun!

Here’s a few great ideas:

bond props

bond lighting

Also, as our specialty is Casino games, we could give your party event a real Casino Royale flair!

The James Bond 007 theme can serve practically any type of event, including charity fundraisers, corporate events, private parties, and is great for Prom parties too, minus the Vespers and Morlands of Grosvenor Street, of course! It’s a time-proven party theme to help create a memorable occasion that’s sure to last a lifetime!

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