Whether you’re attending a Casino themed event or visiting an actual Casino, one general thing to be mindful of is Casino Etiquette. We at Vegas Concepts specialize in Las Vegas-styled event planning, so it’s important to us that we all adhere to the spirit of general Casino conduct.

A Casino environment can be intimidating for seasoned patrons, let alone, those who are new to the experience. However, by simply following a few certain rules and using some common sense, it’s sure to result in a memorable occasion for all.

House Rules

In addition to the universal rules of a Casino, each individual house will have its own set of rules and guidelines. It’s advisable to read up on those rules and to take heed in them. This will ensure that each event participant will enjoy the optimum experience.


Use of cell phones and other personal devices are frowned upon in a Casino environment. Turn-off all your devices and keep them put away. After all, why would you want any distractions?


Though you may not be at Caesar’s Palace or Luxor, it always a good idea to “dress smart!” It’s probably not necessary for the “gent” to sport a Kenneth Cole Tuxedo or the “dame” to don a Roberto Cavalli dress, but keeping it in accordance to the event that you plan to attend would be the way to go.


There will be times when the wheel of fortune doesn’t always provide the desired results, however, that’s part of the game. Keep your emotions under control and if you do feel discouraged or even angry, take a timeout, move to another table or call it an evening. Just remember, whether you’re winning or losing, it’s all about having fun! Stay in control!


We’ve all seen the type, obviously over-served, an embarrassment, and a liability for all, especially those within his specific party. Don’t be “that guy” and retain control. Over-consumption of alcohol can ruin a good time, not only for the consumer but everyone else in a group. The establishment will replace the frown with a smile!


Tipping is not required but expected and extremely appreciated! Many Casino dealers only earn minimum wage, so they rely on help from their clients. Also, tipping provides feedback so they know how they are performing. The general standard for tipping is 10% out of your winnings, however, tipping smaller amounts on a regular basis will keep the dealer happy and allow things to go smoother. If you’re dealing with “funny money”, as in many Casino themed events, tipping is still desirable.

Have Fun!

Once you’ve brushed up the basics of Casino etiquette, you can focus on the main objective, having a great time! Just remember that to maximize your Casino experience, retain the attitude that you are there to have fun and not to hit the grand jackpot!

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