Casino themed parties are very popular and have been for many years. The theme can be used for high school parties, birthday parties, corporate events, fundraisers and even weddings; People from all ages enjoy it!


Decorations: If you’re having an upscale casino party, you can make your guests feel special by having a

If you’re going to plan a casino themed party, why not go all out!? These are just some ways that you can incorporate your theme.

Invitations will usually set the mood for your event. Do you want it to be elegant and upscale? If so, your guests might want to dress up in cocktail attire. Are you having a house party and will just have games and beer? Your guests might feel weird if they come dressed up in their nightgown. Let them know in your invitation. Incorporate playing cards, red white and black colors, poker chips or Las Vegas.



You want people to take advantage of the casino tables being available and by having a sit-down dinner, your event won’t flow as well. Hors-d’oeuvres are usually your best option for casino parties.

You can try to incorporate clever names like “blackjack chicken” or “Jackpot skewers.”  Cakes and cupcakes can be specially made for your carpet leading them to the entrance. You can also have archway balloon decorations or even oversized backdrops.

If you are on a budget, you can also try to make your own decorations with playing cards you have laying around.

Party favors

casino party setup

If you have the budget for it, you can send your guests home with a customized party favor. Giving away playing cards or chocolates that look like poker chips are a simple and inexpensive way to thank your guests.

The biggest thing you need is the casino tables!

Vegas Concepts offers poker tables, blackjack tables, craps table, and roulette. Your guests will be impressed with the full-size equipment and dealers that are all dress up for your event. If you would like to get creative, you can also design your own funny money with your name or logo. Call or email Vegas Concepts for an online quote. We will bring in the entertainment so that your next casino themed party is a winner!


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