Does it seem that the choices of party themes have grown a little “old hat?” Here are a few fresh, new theme ideas to consider as you plan for your Prom event this coming Spring.

We at Vegas Concepts specialize in Las Vegas-style Casino events but we also work with other themes as well.


Bring the look and feel of the roaring twenties into your Prom party with a “Gatsby” styled theme.

Suits, watch fobs, cuff-links, and tie pins for the men, and midi dresses, pearl necklaces, feather boas, and cloche hats for the ladies, would be fitting.

Art-deco props, flapper girls, gramophones, music for dancing the Charleston and rag-time bring the period alive.


How about a hint of Morrocco with a “Casablanca” themed Prom party?

Enter the realm of Rick and Ilsa attired in linen suits, fedoras and dresses of the 1940s. Moorish styled fixtures and tinkling jazz piano music round out this classic romantic theme.

“Play it again, Sam!”

Bali Hai

A South Seas motif would create a tropical get-away mood for your Prom party.

Palm trees, grass huts, and the mountain of legendary “Bali Hai” on the horizon make this theme one to be remembered for many years!

All of this to the sounds of Polynesian island music, including the classic tune from the musical and namesake of this theme.


How about a Masquerade Ball theme?

Sophisticated, mysterious, romantic and timeless, a “Masquerade Ball” theme that’s sure to be a winner!.

Rococo styled props and fixtures would be recommended for the classic version of this theme but the ultimate choice is yours, as this theme is “timeless.”

Tuxedos for the men, formal dresses for the ladies, would set the classic Ballroom style!

Stairway to Heaven

All the glitter without spending all your gold, Stairway to Heaven is a hot idea!

Stars, planets, asteroids, comets and anything else heavenly would serve this theme well. After all, the sky’s the limit!

As for the music? Well, we have a pretty good idea what the theme song might be!

Arabian Nights

Bring to life the world of Sheherazade and all the other characters of the classic tales of One Thousand and One Nights, a fantasy sure to create magical life-long memories.

Tents, drapes, textured fabrics, and lots of pillows would help to set the tone.

Turbans, sashes, and scimitars (fake of course), if so inclined, would add to the ambiance.

Music suggestion: Sultans of Swing.


The flavor of Cuba would create a memorable Prom aura.

Bring back the glory days of Cuba’s Casinos, Cuban cigars, the Tropicana Club, vintage American automobiles and the essence of the Spanish Caribbean.

As for attire? Think Desi Arnaz and the Chiquita Banana lady!

Music suggestion: Guantanamera.

As always, Vegas Concepts stresses the importance of a Safe and Sober High School event!

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Image credits: Pixabay, Getty images, Flickr Commons

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