imgres-4How to Host safe and Fun Project Graduations, Prom Parties and Lock-In’s

Typically, PTA or PTSA sell tickets in advance for a High School Theme event with a Las Vegas-style evening of games specializing in this type of event. “Our professional staff will insist in teaching students on the game.” When working with High school students there is a Texas law all staff members are background checked and will submit to Breathalyzer testing.

PTA or PTSA casino nights in the Dallas Fort Worth area High School Lock Ins. “Vegas Concepts has pioneered safe Lock In’s and Prom parties for 28 years.”

Keys to Success

Start planning at least six to nine months in advance, especially if you have to secure vendor contract and background checks for vendors. If you will be asking businesses for donations, give them at least six months of lead-time and avoid approaching them during the holidays. When they will be besieged with requests. “Start way ahead of time,” Jami Bond Co-Chair of Southlake Carroll High Schools Lock In sponsored by PTSA from Southlake TX. “ Project celebration or Prom Event is not something you can just throw together.”

Promote the event by using your high schools Social Media, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram. Hosting a Safe & Fun High school Lock In event. Make the event special with casino-themed decorations (check your local party and dollar stores), music (hire a full-service company to handle all your out side vendor needs. or recruit a parent to get food donated or purchase at Sam’s or Cost.

You will need plenty of parent volunteers. We suggest getting junior parent to help since they will be building future class memories. Be sure to have enough helpers so they can rotate out to enjoy the games themselves.

Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t “Organizations tend to underestimate the number of tables,” Debbie Accettura Says, president of Vegas Concepts Inc. Dallas Texas “A good rule of thumb is to have enough tables so that 80% of your student can play at any one time.

Do create turnover at tables. One of the main challenges at a casino night is to make sure everyone gets a chance to play. That doesn’t happen if people plop down at a game and stay put. Use wristband in different colors for a group of students.

Do sell tickets in advance. Penalize students who pay at the door increase your ticket price ” Accettura says. “If you don’t sell out, we offer a 10-day cause in our contract for the casino games and other service order to reduce the size of equipment ordered. Reduce your food order or contact your caterer and reduce the scope of what you ordered.”

Top 5 Ways To Increase Profits

  1. Secure sponsors for each table. “You can pay for a casino night almost exclusively with table sponsorships,” Debora Accettura by Vegas Concepts INC. We offer several Lock In ideas: Casino games, Inflatable games and Photo booth rentals, DJ’s service.
  2. PTA or PTSA sell your sponsorships $100 and up, with sponsor names on a signage on the casino table.
  3. Get creative with promoting sponsors. Let the staff for your games wear sponsor logo T- Shirts. To promote a local company that pays a set price for this prominent advertisement.
  4. Raise your ticket prices. “They need to be relatively expensive, $25 to $65 per student, though it depends on your demographics,” Debora Accettura
  5. Add another fundraising activity. Make a silent and a live auction part of the evening.
  6. Sell drinks, if permitted. Beverages can often be a high-profit item. 

New and Trendy

This year one of our PTA and PTSA in Benbrook High TX.. Host a Texas Hold’em Poker tournament we suggest pricing per seat $25,50,75,100.

We have hosted successful fundraising ideas for your parent groups. Post events on your Social Media this will increase ticket sales.

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