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This is the season of Prom’s and Project Graduation’s for Vegas Concepts and we wanted to share how meaningful these events are. Project Graduation first began in Maine around 20 years after a terrible accident that impacted a small community. 18 teenagers died in an alcohol related highway crash. In an effort to prevent this accident from happening in the future, parents and school officials decided to create a an event called “Project Graduation” or “Project Celebration.”

This event would offer the graduating seniors a space where they could celebrate with their friends in an alcohol/drug free environment. Eventually it caught on in Texas. Most high schools in Dallas and Fort Worth now have these types of events!

Parents feel more comfortable having a supervised event in a controlled environment instead of an unknown wild party elsewhere. Vegas Concepts Inc takes students safety as seriously as you do. Vegas Concepts takes pride in hiring only professional dealers to work the casino equipment. They are all background checked and comply with all the laws. It is also emphasized that they interact with the students in a fun and engaging manner but are always respectful. Not only does it have the stamp of approvable by parents and teachers, but also by students!

Vegas Concepts Inc brings in casino equipment and students are shown how to play craps, poker, roulette, or blackjack by our trained dealers. They are given “Funny money” to spend and they can redeem their winnings for raffle prizes. We also bring in inflatable games that are age appropriate. The most popular inflatable games include “Obstacle courses,” “Velcro Wall” and “Human Foosball.” Of course, a DJ also has to be present. Vegas Concepts knows that type of music students like to dance to and listen to. No event would be complete without a photo booth to serve as a reminder of your night. Students take pictures with their best friends before they embark on their next chapter of their lives.

We are a full-service event planning company and can take care of putting together your next Project Graduation. Give us a call at 972-438-1800 or email us at [email protected]. We are ready to discuss how to host a SAFE and ENJOYABLE Project Graduation.

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