One of the biggest attractions at our events is the photo booth, commonly referred to as a “party booth.” Choose from a variety of photo booth props to go with your party theme. Create personalized photo buttons, key chains, Flip-Books, graffiti walls, and more! Digitized images from your unique event can be used any number of ways to create long-lasting mementos.

Who would have thought that there was a science to the photo booth? Yet, there is. There are many types to choose from, like mirror photo booths, open-air photo booths, slow-motion video booths, green-screen, 360°, or the old-fashioned enclosed box like at the mall. But it basically boils down to the choice between traditional film versus modern digital image options.

Types of photo booths typically offered by Vegas Concepts:

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Open Photo Booth – The most widely used is the “booth-less” photo station. The camera is mounted on a tripod or sits on a table. Choose from our available backgrounds and props, create your own, or just go “sans” customization. It’s easy to use, just press the “start” button and the magic begins. Once the photos are done, print them out and/or provide your phone number and email address to receive your digital images!

SloMo Photo Booth – For guaranteed hilarity, you may choose the slow-motion video booth. This option allows guests to produce hyper-slow-motion video clips. Each clip includes 15 seconds of SloMo action video, which you can share via email or social media. The client receives a digital collection of all videos.

Classic Photo Booth – Then there is the basic “box” photo booth. This option allows as many guests as possible to jam into the box and make strange faces. Snap the images, then print out the number of copies desired.

Regardless of which type you prefer, a photo booth is an ideal way to capture those memorable moments to preserve for years and years to come.

a photo booth

All packages include either the 4 x 6 postcard option or strips with 3 color or black and white photos. Clients can provide JPG images for their own personalized logo and choose from 50 backdrop colors.

Assorted props are also included, along with social media apps and booth attendant to assist at your event.

So whether you’re planning a Corporate event, Fundraiser, After-Prom party, Project Graduation, or for any other special occasion, enhance the experience by adding a photo booth!

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